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The Stone Age is the name given to the earliest period of human culture when stone tools were first used. In Britain, the Stone Age was around 12, years ago. When people began smelting metal around years ago the Bronze Age began in the British Isles. The Palaeolithic or old Stone Age lasted from 2. Britain would have looked very different during the Paleolithic: there were a number of cold periods called ice ages and the shape of landscapes changed as it became warmer and colder. During the Lower Palaeolithic Britian was not an island, but connected to mainland Europe. Some time between , and , years ago that changed and the area between the British Isles and what is now Denmark flooded and finally disappeared under the sea about years ago. A number of distinct groups of humans lived during the Paleolithic but only our ancestor Homo sapiens has survived.

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When the coronavirus pandemic began, we were figuring out how to stay safe, how to stay home and how this was going to affect our lives in the long run. Now that we have better answers to many of these questions, new ones have surfaced. How can I stay healthy while interacting with others?

Answered July 31, · Author has 64 answers and K answer views Dating and Relationships: What are some trick questions asked by your girlfriend​?

The dating quest app answers: Case western reserve university: Rich woman looking for almost a load of great would describe yourself? Using apps and share photos, mr. Discussion about your date. Want to the way we recognize that you. Adventurequest worlds is our list of purposes. Also tips and thanks dating game returns on android, not just got the purpose of systems and share app.

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King’s Quest is a graphic adventure game series created by the American software company In the developers at Sierra redeveloped King’s Quest with a new interface and up-to-date technology. Adventure Games, Interactive Fiction Games – Reviews, Interviews, Features, Previews, Cheats, Galleries, Forums”.

As much as we’re all for spontaneous evenings, sometimes all you need is a bit of organised fun. Forgive us for sounding like Monica from Friends, but maybe that comes in the shape of a virtual quiz , drinking games or even dinner party games. Or how about a good old fashioned game of truth or dare? Here’s a definitive list of the best truth questions, and the best dare questions, to see you through your next evening of fun.

Warning: things might get a bit spicy. If you’ve never played truth or dare before, the game typically involves each player being asked if they’d prefer to answer a truth question, or do a dare. Once they’ve picked, if they then refuse to answer the question or do the dare, there’s often a forfeit involved – usually in the shape of a shot. Like this article? Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. Type keyword s to search.

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Trying to figure what the best questions to ask the girl you like can get pretty frustrating. Make it easy to talk and keep a deep conversation flowing, gentleman. The goal of these questions are to find out if she interests you. Not only that, you will become much better at conversing.

Date, Answers. English, The name of a sum of currency. Truth or Dare Questions. Here are 50 questions that are designed to be awkward and embarrassing.

Date Quests formerly known as Love Quests are additional type of quests that, similarly to Character Quests , are designed to show a perspective of a character with little gameplay value beside additional Transient Stone s. They were introduced in October and were initially the only way to establish love and envy connections and were limited to the initial summoners. Starting with April , making love is available to every obtainable character and only requires completing the 3rd Limit Break stage.

Since then, the quests serve mostly as a bonus. Most Date Quests have specific scenarios based on the character they love. Unlocking Date Quests requires a character falling in love with someone else in your familiar list. This in turn requires owning any version of said character and completing their 3rd Limit Break stage. Finishing a Love Quest with a character will grant them an Affinity Burst if they are next to their loved one in battle.

This specific relation boost will provide the love-struck character with a flat amount of HP at the end of each turn. If you wish to break up two characters, simply go to their status screen and tap the broken-heart icon. Doing this costs one Forget-Me-Not. Accounts created before the addition were given four from the beginning, with more being obtainable from Andvari’s Shop in exchange for Rainbow Shard. Sort by date Sort by score.

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In the history of art , prehistoric art is all art produced in preliterate, prehistorical cultures beginning somewhere in very late geological history, and generally continuing until that culture either develops writing or other methods of record-keeping, or makes significant contact with another culture that has, and that makes some record of major historical events. At this point ancient art begins, for the older literate cultures. The end-date for what is covered by the term thus varies greatly between different parts of the world.

The earliest human artifacts showing evidence of workmanship with an artistic purpose are the subject of some debate. It is clear that such workmanship existed by 40, years ago in the Upper Paleolithic era, although it is quite possible that it began earlier. In September , scientists reported the discovery of the earliest known drawing by Homo sapiens , which is estimated to be 73, years old, much earlier than the 43, years old artifacts understood to be the earliest known modern human drawings found previously.

The end-date for what is covered by the term thus varies greatly between different parts of the world. The earliest human artifacts showing evidence of.

Instead, they have preferred to focus on understanding the nature of reality, increasing their longevity, ordering life morally, practicing rulership, and regulating consciousness and diet. Strictly speaking there was no Daoism before the literati of the Han dynasty c. Daoism does not name a tradition constituted by a founding thinker, even though the common belief is that a teacher named Laozi originated the school and wrote its major work, called the Daodejing, also sometimes known as the Laozi.

However, various streams of thought and practice were passed along by masters daoshi before these texts were finalized. There are two major source issues to be considered when forming a position on the origins of Daoism.. With regard to the first question, Isabelle Robinet thinks that the classical texts are only the most lasting evidence of a movement she associates with a set of writings and practices associated with the Songs of Chu Chuci , and that she identifies as the Chuci movement.

This movement reflects a culture in which male and female masters variously called fangshi, daoshi, zhenren, or daoren practiced techniques of longevity and used diet and meditative stillness anto create a way of life that attracted disciples and resulted in wisdom teachings.. Some examples include a coincidence of names of immortals sages , a commitment to the pursuit of physical immortality, a belief in the epistemic value of stillness and quietude, abstinence from grains, breathing and sexual practices used to regulate internal energy qi , and the use of ritual dances that resemble those still done by Daoist masters the step of Yu.

In addition to the controversial connection to the Songs of Chu, the Guanzi B. Two other chapters of the Guanzi are called Xin shu Heart-mind book. The Xin shu connects the ideas of quietude and stillness found in both the Daodejing and Zhuangzi to longevity practices.

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The first and the best free dating site for Expats in Germany. A must-read for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe, Expatica provides a tailored local Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country. No matter who you ask, you will get the same answer: dating in is hard.

The player can decide who takes Cloud Strife on a date during the party’s second plot-related visit to Gold Saucer. The night’s date is chosen based upon the player’s dialogue choices and actions throughout the game up to that point. Depending on the player’s choices, Cloud may go on a date with Aeris , Tifa , Yuffie only if she has been recruited , or even Barret.

How each character is chosen is based upon a hidden value in the game’s code, which cannot be viewed without hacking. At the game’s start, the opening values are:. As the game progresses, these values change depending upon the player’s actions. The character with the highest number of points when the date sequence occurs is the one that appears for the sequence. If there is a tie, the game chooses based on priority. Aeris has top priority, followed by Tifa, then Yuffie, then Barret.

Aeris is the most likely candidate for the date, but it is not overly difficult to obtain the other two girls as there are several options which very quickly bridge the points gap between starting values. For example, it is possible, in responding positively to Tifa several times at the beginning of the game, to raise her date value above Aeris’s starting value before her second appearance.

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Located at the confluence of the Darro and Genil rivers in southern Spain, the city of Granada was a Moorish fortress that rose to prominence during the reign of Sultan Almoravid in the 11th century. In , the Christian Reconquest forced Spanish Muslims south, and the kingdom of Granada was established as the last refuge of the Moorish civilization. Granada flourished culturally and economically for the next years, but in the late 15th century internal feuds and a strengthened Spanish monarchy under Ferdinand and Isabella signaled the end of Moorish civilization in Spain.

On January 2, , King Boabdil surrendered Granada to the Spanish forces, and in the Spanish crown ordered all Muslims forcibly converted to Christianity. The next century saw a number of persecutions, and in the last Moors still adhering to Islam were expelled from Spain.

In the world of hackers, the kind of answers you get to your technical questions depends as Check the Stack Exchange site for an up-to-date list. (In non-​English-speaking countries newbie forums are still more likely to be mailing lists.)​.

All the students are in the last stage of revision. If you are appearing for the English Core Exam check this list of chapter wise important questions and answers created to make your last minute revision hassle and stress-free. Ques 1 Who did M. Hamel blame when Franz was unable to answer a question on French participles? Refer to the context and explain what he wanted to convey to his students. Ans: -M. Ques 3 Why did Hauser and the other villagers come to attend the last lesson?

Ans: They wanted to express their repentance for their casual approach to their own schooling.

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