7 Reasons Nerds Are Sexier

Last Updated: July 10, References. This article was co-authored by Laura Bilotta. With over 18 years of date coaching experience, Laura specializes in dating etiquette, relationships, and human behavior. This article has been viewed 73, times. A stereotypical nerd is somewhat socially awkward, doesn’t care for mainstream activities or pursuits, and has a few intense, very obscure interests. Dating a nerd is a great idea–nerds can be sweet, witty, passionate, and intelligent! Of course, every nerd is unique, and nerdiness is definitely a spectrum, but there are some general guidelines that can help make your nerdy relationship work. First, you’ll need to understand how to spark a nerd’s interest.

Why ‘date the nerd’ is bad advice

You may say we kind of geek out about things. Whatever, geeks are awesome. But sometimes, awesome can use a bit of assistance in the dating department. Thanks to geeks, that’s how. Dating as a geek requires combing through normies and too much dating through the same group of locals. For women , it can involve a lot of creepy guys who want their manic pixie dream girl.

While you might write off the nerdy guy as not being boyfriend material, if you just I’m not saying this is a reason to date someone, but consider it a nice perk. 8.

Earlier this week Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg made headlines for his response to commenter Darlene Hackemer Lorettok, who wrote that she encourages her granddaughters to “date the nerd in school because he may turn out to be Mark Zuckerberg. Vox’s Emily Crockett praised Zuckerberg’s response as “a fantastic affirmation for girls who grow up reading stories where the boys are the ones on hero’s quests and the girls are there to fall in love with them.

Indeed, Zuckerberg was right to gently chide Loretto; it’s arcane to suggest that girls aspire to mere proximity to “nerdiness,” which she and Zuckerberg seem to be defining as success in science, technology, engineering and math. But Loretto’s statement bugged me for other reasons: I’m just really sick of “nerds” still being set forth as idealized relationship partners. Besides the way the advice masculinizes intellect, it also ignores that smart men aren’t necessarily kind men or that intellect and earning potential aren’t the only traits necessary for successful romantic partnerships.

Loretto isn’t unique in her reasoning. The “date the nerd” trope is about as as old as the existence of the term “nerd” in popular culture. Two of my all-time favorite films employ it. The first is ‘s “Miracle at Morgan Creek,” in which a homely, dutiful young man, Norville Eddie Bracken , keeps confessing undying love to his lifelong neighbor, a blonde bombshell named Trudy Betty Hutton.

Popular Trudy wants nothing to do with nerdy Norville until she finds herself “in the family way,” and Norville steps up to marry her and claim her unborn. Trudy is deeply contrite and grateful; Norville is portrayed as the noble, generous hero.

How to Date a Nerd

Earlier this week Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg made headlines for his response to commenter Darlene Hackemer Loretto. Two of my all-time favorite films employ it. Trudy is deeply contrite and grateful; Norville is portrayed as the noble, generous hero.

I had a friend who said that she only went after guys who were geeky enough to make her hot. She couldn’t get enough of the overly intellectual.

Just because our favorite handsome actors frequently play love interests or superheroes doesn’t mean they’ve always taken on such roles. In fact, many of these Hollywood hunks got their start playing the nerdier guys. Before he was McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey was bribing the most popular girl in school to date him in ‘s Can’t Buy Me Love —and he’s only gotten better with age. This X-Men actor may have been a nerdy kid when he starred alongside Hugh Grant in About A Boy , but he’s grown to be one of our favorite action stars.

Playing adorkable child star roles in both Jerry Maguire and Stewart Little , Jonathan Lipnicki has grown up and bulked up. He will be playing a football hero in the upcoming thriller The Lake. But he’s since broken out into different types of roles—including a seemingly romantic part in an upcoming untitled Woody Allen film.

This How to Get Away With Murder star may now play a smart and sexy law student, but you probably first saw him as the dorky, enthusiastic Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films. Before he stepped foot into the Hunger Games , Josh Hutcherson had a number of big roles as a child actor—including the part of the sci-fi-loving kid Walter in Zathzura. He may have recently taken on his most action-powered role as Ant-Man, but Rudd got his big break with a more bookish character in Clueless.

Though he may have ended up as a romantic interest in the film, his character was a lovable nerd. Who wasn’t surprised when little Neville Longbottom showed up for the last Harry Potter film looking so dashing? This Parks and Recreation star went from playing the dweeby but cute Andy Dwyer to buffing up for Guardians of the Galaxy in just a matter of months. Now, the goofball is a bona fide action hero.

10 Ways to Flirt with a Nerd

All guys arent the same some treat you well while others leave you lusting after them. The ones who make you wait by the phone and wonder what theyre doing are the cool guys also known as too-cool-for-school-guys. Cool The cool guy is usually the one that will love you and leave you.

Women really do love geeks, dorks and nerds – and the nice guy A woman, however, is over dating bad boys and instead wants to date.

Adorably dorky dudes — think J. These sweet, smart and often devastatingly funny guys could be sitting on the sidelines of your life as you go after the leading man. During that time spent checking out the many fish in the sea, I definitely dated outside my type. In fact, I threw my type out the window. Nerdy guys, with all of their quirks, are never boring. The nerdy engineer boyfriend I had back then was oh-so-sweet and oh-so-faithful and would never have dreamed of standing me up for a date.

What a refreshing change from the clown car of jerks I dated before him. Of course, not all intellectual types are going to be the same or even treat women the same way. In fact, many women prefer it. Image: Giphy. You just have to know where to dig. Are you close to your parents?

5 Reasons Dating The Nerdy Guy Will Always Make You Happy

Fortunately, you have Dr. NerdLove to guide you. Geeks spend a lot of time lost in their own heads, which allows for the development of a rich imagination and a shocking level of creativity. A geek boyfriend will surprise you with his imaginative gifts and out-of-the-ordinary dates and experiences. Geeks are very cerebral creatures.

: How to Date a Nerd eBook: Mae, Cassie: Kindle Store. The Princess and the Pizza Man Southern This was super cute, fun, and easy to read.

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Here’s Why Women Love Geeks, Dorks And Nerds

He’s cute, funny What’s not to love? So, you’ve met a great guy, but after a few dates you begin to realize he’s not like the other guys you’ve been dating. He’s smart, a little shy, quirky, and he loves science fiction, online gaming, comic books, or other related pursuits. In other words, he’s a nerd. While nerds often make great partners in fact, many of us in the dating business consider them the unsung heroes of the single male demographic , women usually tend to overlook them.

The dude who runs “Nerd Nite Speed-Dating” gives us some insights MAURA: I’ve had dudes tell me: “Guys love it when women make the.

Nerdy men are hot right now. IT guys? These guys not only prefer brains over vanity, but they are also the ones with the big bucks, as they tend to be in high-paying industries. So when considering whether to ignore that geeky neighbor of yours who seemingly does not have an active social life, think about these reasons first:.

If you put a higher value on long term over short term, I think being able to have meaningful conversations should trump steamy physical work outs any day. You can present an argument to nerds, and I assure you they will have their own weirdly unique take on any situation, be it hypothetical or actual. A lot of these guys are shy, but once they feel comfortable around you, they will surprise you with dry wit, intelligent humor, and amusing candor.

They can make you laugh out loud, literally. Most geeks take pride in having a sense of humor, and they can get competitive about it. Even the ones who have failed in college have risen as one of the new geek gods of the decade. You think girls had any inkling that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg was going to be a freaking billionaire in only a few years? Geeks may not live their lives the way most people do, but they always surprise people when they actually prove they are extremely capable — which they silently are.

Not all men are alike, we know.

10 reasons dating a nerd guy sucks

Here are 10 reasons why you should take a break from dating jerks , and start giving geekier guys a chance. Whether their room is decked out with action figures or movie posters, geeks are usually very passionate about what they love, and that adoration will more than translate when it comes to you. Your geek will more than happy to have you, and will be less likely to take you for granted, cheat, or treat you badly.

Doing a little research and picking him up a new geek gadget, or joining him and braving a comic-book-inspired movie are simple, little things that are sure to brighten his day. Nerds are usually sensitive and have a huge soft side, which means they can be very romantic.

“Date the nerd” isn’t novel advice but it’s certainly destructive advice. The moral​: Cool guys abandon you; marry the nerd. In ‘s Splendor in the Grass, The message: Once again, cute jocks are cads; marry the nerd.

Earlier this week Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg made headlines for his response to commenter Darlene Hackemer Loretto. Two of my all-time favorite films employ it. Trudy is deeply contrite and grateful; Norville is portrayed as the noble, generous hero. The moral: Cool guys abandon you; marry the nerd. Later, though, Bud Warren Beatty ends up living in relative squalor and Deanie sets off to marry a med student.

The message: Once again, cute jocks are cads; marry the nerd. But the film rightfully faced its share of backlash. In , Arthur Chu pointed out in the Daily Beast that idealizing nerds has resulted in misogynistic entitlement. For decades of film and television, handsomeness has suggested caddishness while homeliness and studiousness have connoted devotion and wealth. Those are really simplistic binaries, ones that will continue misguiding generations of love-seeking young people for as long as we perpetuate them.

Both Loretto and Zuckerberg would do well to encourage the young women in their lives to simply be decent people. If they achieve that, dating should be relatively easy.

The Pros Of Being In Love With A Nerd Guy In College

I would agree with a lot of these points. This is SO, SO true!! I agree with Erin that some guys who classify themselves as nerds are not like this, but when girls say they want to date a nerd, this is definitely what they are looking for!! I love this. Nerds are not becoming anything.

Dating a nerd is a great idea–nerds can be sweet, witty, passionate, and intelligent! Of course, every nerd is unique, and nerdiness is definitely a spectrum​, but.

Most girls have experienced it, but it’s not something we talk about much. When we chat about the guys we like, nerdy guys rarely come up. But when we think about the type of men who turn us on, it’s a completely different story. Geeky guys are hot, there’s no doubt about it. Their cute glasses, goofy outfits, offbeat sense of humor and their awkwardness are all endearing, not turn-offs.

Especially when you realize that underneath the hopeless, shy exterior, every geek is a sexual beast just waiting to be unleashed. But if you need any more persuading, here’s why you should join the world of geek dating, and ditch those muscle-bound meatheads for good. Sometimes, when you date “ordinary” guys with a healthy sex life, physical intimacy can seem like part of their routine. When they meet you and start sleeping with you, it’s nothing new for them.

It’s what they expected, and it’s just another fuck. But with nerdy guys, that’s never the case. You see, nerds aren’t highly sexed which doesn’t mean they aren’t good at it. Instead, they really appreciate when hot girls let them join them in bed. They will treat you like the goddess you deserve to be, not just another notch on their bedposts.

7 Reasons Nerdy Guys Make Great Boyfriends

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